Echo moves further north!

The teams did not have great signals from Echo yesterday, but what beeps they did hear indicated that he was drifting slowly to the northwest, likely ending up somewhere near Occidental for the evening.  Thanks to the teams for braving the terrible weather to track Echo! (Photo by Jim Garlock.)

A break in the storm allows Echo to fly!

Echo did not go very far upon his release on Tuesday afternoon - he headed straight for the eucalyptus grove on Wolfback Ridge in the Marin Headlands and settled in for the evening.  However, at 9am on Wednesday, the teams could not get his signal!  It seems he had hunkered down to wait out the storm.  As the skies cleared just before noon, Echo popped up and the teams were able to pick up his signal!  He drifted slowly north, ending the day west of Novato, near Stafford Lake.  As the next storm rolls in, the telemetry trackers are listening to see where Echo goes next.  His estimated locations will be added to the map here:  Photo of intern Heather with Echo just before his release from Hawk Hill on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Peter Sapienza.)

Late Season Tracking Begins!

"Echo" the juvenile male Red-tailed Hawk was caught in the Marin Headlands this afternoon!  He was small but healthy, and released from Hawk Hill at 3:38 this afternoon.  Hopefully he can get moving out of the area before the storms hit, but we will have to wait and see!  Check back for updates and some photos.