Sept. 29, 2013

Telemetry Team Tracks Another Broadwing

With a quick call from Buzz at Hawk Blind, we were in motion.  The banders at Hawk Blind had a new Broad-winged Hawk for us track.  Forced into the 21st century by all my "smarty phone" trackers, I picked up MY new smarty phone and sent out a text to the team.  Sure, Bill was out on the Bay shepherding swimmers and Libby was riding her mountain bike over the San Mateo ridges.  Sure, we could do this. 

So, while David and I headed to the Headlands, and all of the other trackers put their lives on hold and headed to join us, I kept my fingers crossed that everything would work out. Sure, we could do this.

And we did, and it all went well.  Buzz met us at the road with "Kachina".  We headed to the office where we met the rest of the team, who one by one arrived to pick up equipment, load their cars and proceed to their assigned highpoint.

Kachina spent the first night in Rodeo Valley, across from the stables.  Will Kachina follow the lead of Zoe (1994), and Marathon (2012) and take four travel days to reach the Mexican Border?  The next four days will tell.  Stay tuned for daily updates of the teams' and Kachina's story.

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