Update on Diana and Coco

February 2, 2012!  Coco is located on the ridgeline just west of Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir, just north of Highway 92 and west of Highway 280.  It is very surprising that his transmitter is still working, since the manufacturer gives the battery a 6 - 8 week estimated life and we're going on 3 months!  Coco is active, up and circling and apparently hanging out with a number of other Redtails along the coastal ridge.

Jan. 3, 2012!  Phil walked into the Laguna de Santa Rosa and observed Diana perched in a tree.  Her transmitter was still working (almost 2 months after release).  Phil returned on January 17, but was unable to pick up her signal.  At the end of January, Phil and Lorri checked out the wider region, but were unable to pick up her signal.  Her transmitter may have stopped transmitting, or she may have moved beyond the region. 

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