Sept. 17, 2012: On Your Mark, Get Set,.........Go!

The 2012 tracking season has begun with Marathon, a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk.  It's been 18 long years since we tracked our first Broadwing, Zoe.  When told that we have a Broadwing, Phil Capitolo simply said, "I'm stunned!"  That elusive Broadwing that we've been waiting for, flew into Hill 88 blind, and was banded by Dick Horn.... on his birthday!  Thank You, Dick for sharing your present.

Soon we'll have a couple of photos to add to this Blog, so stay tuned for daily updates (or as frequently as I can get them posted).

After being released from the road beneath Hawk Hill, Marathon flew directly over Slacker Ridge and settled down on the East side of the ridge, overlooking the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Hwy 101.  Tomorrow we anticipate that she will continue her southward journey.  Stay Tuned!

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