Sept 19 -- End of Day Summary

As you know we had teams spread out on high points, and it worked beautifully.  The team on Williams Hill began picking up Marathon's signal around 1000, pointing back towards the Panoche Valley.  At 1123 the team on Parkfield picked up her signal.  By 1330, Marathon was passing Barb and Lorri on Williams Hill, and by 1530 she flew close to the team on Cuesta Ridge, above San Luis Obispo.  (We have a little gadget on the receiver which allows us to restrict the signal strength so that we can tell if the bird is "close")  By 1600 Bill, on Cuesta Ridge, and Phil and Mike on Parkfield Grade, all lost the signal abuptly.  Did Marathon head into the mountains?  Did she go down hunting?  Did she head to roost?  So many questions, but we'll have to be patient and see where she pops up Thursday morning.

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