September 29, 2012

Well, we're back in the saddle, again.  This morning the fog was hanging on Hawk Hill, but it was significantly lighter that Friday's Fogged Out day.  We headed up Conzelman to beat the crush of birdwatchers (who wanted to see an amazing flight of Broadwings) and tourists who just wanted to see the City from a beautiful spot.

By 11 AM, Hawkwatch "officially" began the count as the sky cleared.  I could "hear" the banders chatter on the radio.  "Three Broadies between Slak and Poak".  "How do we catch these things?"  Eighteen minutes later, "POAK to Telemetry" comes across the radio.  You've got to be kidding!!!  Quick calls out to the team members (we're a skeleton crew today, but should be at max by Monday).  Amazement was everyone's reaction.  Will Telemetry ever recover from 2 Broad-winged Hawks within 2 weeks?!!  We waited 18 years since Zoe, and now we've added Marathon and now Lakota.  Wow!!

Okay, so maybe the fog kept Lakota from resuming her southern movement, but this won't last forever.  Wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way, I will be hitting the road, too.  We were a little short handed today, so I packed a bag..... and since I have my bag packed, I might as well keep going.  BUT, it will be hard to keep up the Blog while on the road.  Maybe someone will help.........?


    GGRO Intern Sarah prepares to release Lakota

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