Lakota Day 1

Lakota, a juvenile broadwing, was trapped at Poison Oak blind at 1118 hours. She was released from the top of Hawk Hill at 14:30 and proceeded to fly 25 feet down the hill to a coyote bush, where everyone could see her!  She stayed there for about an hour and a half, then flew to the north side of Hawk Hill and stayed there for about 15 minutes, then flew back to the east side of Hawk Hill. Lynn kept track of her there until approximately 1600 hours, then determined that she had moved down into Kirby Cove. David and Lynn took some bearings from either side of Kirby Cove, while James took a bearing from closer to the bridge back into Kirby Cove.

The kettle of Broadwings (plus a couple of RTs, and several TVs) merged, split, re-merged, split for several hours. Allen pointed out to me two dark morph Broadwings that were part of the kettle.  According to Lynn, none of the Broadwings seemed to cross and that included Lakota. The thermals seemed to evaporate over the gate, and then the kettle would return to Slacker Ridge or back towards Hawk Hill. It was an ever changing dance, and Lakota was having none of it.

This morning the fog has cleared and this might allow the BWs to cross, and that includes Lakota! Keep your bins up!

Telemetrists Phil and James will be out for the duration. Larry and Barb join in on Monday, as well as apprentices Richard and David. Lynn, who’s usually home base, just had to get back out there!  So I will try to keep you all updated with the Lakota’s progress towards the border.

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