Sept 20 -- Crossing Mountains

What a day the trackers had today!  Marathon was very elusive today.  With four teams on high points, Marathon turned into the mountains, crossing the Carrizo Plains and heading to the eastern side of the Sierra Madre Range.  The last bearing was from Frazier Peak and pointed in the direction of Santa Clarita (but, of course without a crossbearing we really don't know where to put a dot on the map). 

The interactive map on the Parks Conservancy website is not able to keep up with the trackers.  Or maybe, I should say that the trackers are so tired by the end of the day, that they have felt sleep was preferable to giving me points to put on a map. (When the teams return, we will be able to plot in detail and fill in the dots). Marathon is not making this job easy! 

Marathon also seems to be a little behind Zoe's pace (BW, tracked in 1994).  Some teams must end their tracking on Friday, but where will Zoe be?  Will she be at the border by Friday night, as Zoe was, or will we be short teams on Saturday?  A call has been placed for possible help needed for the weekend.

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