Monday, September 28, 2015

The Conclusion of Journey's California journey.... 
                                                                   South to the Border!

But with Mike's location so close to the Border, it looked like there would only be a few bearings before Journey crossed the line into Mexico..........   Yes, those words were from yesterday's post.  Well, that was not exactly how the story ended......

Yes, Mike headed back to Double Peak on Monday morning.  But Journey did not come by.  Mike surmised that those strong winds/updrafts late yesterday, might have moved Journey inland.  So Mike redirected his efforts inland and headed for Laguna Mountain which was one of the last locations of two of the teams on Zoe and Marathon (two earlier Broadwings).  North of the Mexican border, it has a long view into Mexico, and allowed cross bearings with other teams which pointed miles into Mexico.

Mike's omni antenna (roof mounted and non-directional) picked up beeps as Mike was trying to get up to Laguna Mountain, but a locked gate stopped his progress. He tried to hike up and around the gate but wasn't able to succeed.  So, Mike drove around looking for a secondary location nearby.

Mike did not send any text messages, until the very end of the day.  Tired from two long days of solo tracking, Mike was pulled over at a Starbucks trying to escape the 10 mph traffic on I-5.  In reference to the beeps, Mike texted, "That was the only word Journey had for us today, but we know he's okay and over the border.  Tell you the rest of my day, some other time......"

And so, Mike documented the end to Journey's journey from the Marin Headlands to the Mexican Border.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank You to all of the trackers who participated in following Journey's journey: Libby, Maxine, Bill, Ken, Mike and my husband, David (who hates telemetry).  Long hot days, pestering flies, endless traffic, cheap motels, hour after hour without a beep, beep, beep...... you have to be a little crazy to volunteer for this job!  But what a great job you all did.

And Thank You to All of the Banders who tried to provide us with a Broad-winged Hawk, especially Wednesday II Banders, and Hawk Blind in particular.  Was that you, Buzz????

Thanks for another great Broad-winged Hawk Tracking Season.           
Lynn Jesus
GGRO Radio-telemetry Program, Season Coordinator

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