Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015

Our Lean, Mean Flying Machine is off to break records.  Bill from the road to Fremont Peak picked up Journey's signal in line with Mt. Madonna.  So that means that Journey was hiding out somewhere in the ridge just south of San Jose on Wednesday night.  Bill and Maxine took bearings until it was obvious that Journey was going to head down the Hwy 101 corridor to the west, and so they headed down to Cuesta Ridge to get ahead of Journey while Mike Hall would come down 101 behind them.  As Mike was heading south, he picked up Journey's signal to the west of Hwy 101 in the mid-afternoon.  The bearing then moved to the SW indicating that Journey was still moving.  It was good knowing that Bill and Maxine were far ahead so that Journey could not sneak by their location.  However from Cuesta Ridge, the team never picked up Journey's signal, so the teams were unsure exactly how far south Journey's flight had taken him..... but they knew that Journey was still north of their location.  The plan for the following morning would put Bill back up on Cuesta Ridge and Mike and Maxine would head over to Black Mt. in order to pick up cross bearings on Journey in the morning.

Meanwhile, a third team was preparing to join the team on Friday morning.  Ken's college class meant that the team could not leave Thursday night, but rather would have to leave before dawn to get down to San Luis Obispo before Journey woke up!  What a long day that will be for the team!

Stay tuned to find out where Journey will pop up on Friday morning!

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