Oct 1 - Too hot to fly

Four teams were in the field ready to track Lakota's movement across the gate, but there was no breeze and no movement.  Lakota's only movement was from north Angel Island to south Angel Island. 

Teams in the field were Phil and Rich at Mt Hamilton, Larry and David at Twin Peaks, Barb and Lynn at Grizzly Peak and later Lawrence Hall of Science.  Cheryl and James were chase team, "on the bird" on the Tiburon Peninsula.  The best signal came from Mt Hamilton.

Tomorrow's teams are Cheryl and Lynn at Mt. Hamilton, James and David at Twin Peaks, Larry and Barb at Grizzly Peak.

Some of the telemetrists can't stay out for 7 straight days if Lakota continues to lay low in the heat, so if you're interested in joining a team towards the end of the week, please contact Lynn on her cell.

I couldn't resist posting another photo of Sarah releasing Lakota, they're just so cute together. Aren't they?
Time to fly, Sarah releases Lakota on Saturday

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