Still Laying Low in the Heat

Tuesday, October 2nd, Lakota remained at Angel Island, waiting for some wind perhaps? The hot, still weather refused to accommodate.  Maybe tomorrow will bring a breeze. 

James and David had bearings for most of the day from Lawrence Hall they came down later in the day and received some nice bearings from the Berkeley marina.  Larry and Barb had no bearings on Twin Peaks.  Lynn and Cheryl heard less than ten beeps all day, listening mostly to static. 

Once Lakota gets across the gate or the bay, we anticipate 4 days of travel, so help is needed to extend the teams through the weekend. 

Tomorrow Mike and Phil will be along the Berkeley ridgeline.  David and Lynn will be on Mt Hamilton, and Barb and James will be at Hawkwatch observing any kettles that form, learning how they move, and attempting to discern whether any birds are crossing.   

Perhaps the Hawkwatchers should perform a “wind dance” to rouse Lakota …

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