Sad news...

We are very sorry to report that Lakota the juvenile Broad-winged Hawk's body was found and retrieved from Angel Island this morning by telemetrists. There were no visible signs of damage or cause of death. We will have a necropsy done, but it may not tell us what happened.  We all know that the weather has been extremely hot along the coast, but that may or may not have contributed to her death. She was banded, tagged, and released on Saturday.  On Sunday, she was seen rising up from Kirby Cove in the morning and flying high over Slacker Ridge. She was also photographed flying in a kettle above Hawk Hill. She spent that evening in Ayala Cove on the north side of Angel Island, with her signal picked up loud and strong from the southern tip of Tiburon. The following day, her signal moved to the south-east side of Angel Island. On Tuesday, only minimal movement was detected, and on Wednesday, none. We will keep you posted about what we find out. (Photo by Mary Malec of Lakota just after release on Saturday.)

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