Nov. 10, 2014

Sorry for the late posting.  My computer decided to lock me out, so I'm now in the office on a more friendly computer; however all of the data sheets are out in the field, so I'm going to be somewhat vague as to who did what.

So we left off with Frosty north of Mt. Burdell.  On Monday, the teams set off for highpoints with Team 3 on Sonoma Mt as a stationary team. Team 2 went to English Hill, and Team 1 to Cobblestone (Santa Rosa).  And all teams were able to pick up Frosty's signal.  The teams had good bearings for most of the day, except when two teams had bearings indicating that Frosty had gone east.  So Sonoma Mt. team stayed while Team 1 headed for Calistoga and Team 2 headed east.  Oops, Frosty's signal reappeared to the west.  Both moving teams then made a U-turn and fought traffic to regain a good position.  Frosty was determined to be located along Todd Rd, west of Stoney Point Rd.  The teams left him there that night.

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