Nov. 12, 2014

Wednesday's anticipated rains did not come until early evening, so the tracking team was able to check on Frosty's location and movements (limited) and find time mid-day to head out to Bodega for a short birding trip, which apparently was very successful.  After the mid-day break, Phil and Ken returned to Frosty's location and found him still there, while Bridget continued down Hwy 1 to the Headlands.

Phil further described Frosty's location as Butler Rd at Phillips Rd. (Still near Stony Point and Todd).  Of course, Frosty was not sitting in the intersection, but probably in the clusters of eucalyptus and oak trees which spot the area.   The area appears to be a mixed use semi-rural area with open fields and groves of trees, as well as mixed residential and light industrial.

The weather forecast for the weekend appears to have lightened up with clouds predicted but little rain.  Is it worth testing out the itty-bitty transmitter while I still have an trackers scheduled?   Or should we continue our modified schedule through the weekend.  For those involved in the program, send me an email with your opinions.  I think that we can adequately test our ability to track using the smaller transmitter in 2 -3 three days (meaning a Friday start), and if we're unable to track with it we should know very quickly.  If we were to test the itty-bitty I would need to augment the teams back to at least 3 working teams, possibly 4 to give us the best understanding of how the smaller signal would carry.

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