Nov. 11, 2014

This morning the teams located Frosty exactly where they had left him the previous night, along Todd Rd west of Stoney Point in Santa Rosa.  Again teams took their positions with Sonoma Mt. and English Hill (a local highpoint) being the highpoints of choice for the day.  The team which was "on the bird" found a nearby place to park, and watch a great deal of raptor action in the area of Frosty.  The area has eucalyptus and oak trees, and although the team was able to view the area where they believed Frosty was hanging out, they were not able to confirm a visual of him.

The weather was gray and dreary in the morning.  It felt like it was going to rain. Would Frosty choose to move today?  The answer by the end of the day, was a definitive "No."  Well, Frosty did move in the sense of changing trees and flying a bit; but he did not move in the sense of being able to draw a start and stop line on a map.  The end of day found Frosty on Todd Rd, west of Stoney Point in Santa Rosa.

So the teams ended their day by discussing the coming schedule and the prospects of rain.  It was decided to break down the schedule, and limit the coverage; so tomorrow, Wednesday, Phil (a very experienced tracker) would be out with Bridget (GGRO Intern, and apprentice tracker) and Ken (apprentice tracker) mainly to check on Frosty and try to give both Bridget and Ken a little more experience in the field. I would like to say "a little more experience in tracking", however it is hard to "track" a very stationary bird.  Rain is predicted on and off for the next few days.

For the remainder of the week, we will continue to check in on Frosty.  With the predicted rain, we will not start a new bird; unless, of course, a really cool or really unusual bird comes through like a late Broadwing or Swainson.


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