Oct. 23, 2015. Day 5 with Gypsy.

Yes, today is the fifth day of tracking Gypsy.  Day one was the release in the Marin Headlands, and roost along the Miwok Trail.  Day two Gypsy headed northward to a location northeast of Burdell.  Day three, the teams located Gypsy near Manor on private lands.  Day four, Gypsy remained on the lands just south of Manor (same location).  And, now we are to Day five.

How creative can the teams be???  We are down to just two teams.  Barb and Kim, and Maxine and Ruth.  Barb hated to put 50% of her resources on Mt. Burdell, so it was decided that the two teams would work the area near Manor, and then move around looking for other good places to take bearings. If they couldn't locate Gypsy, then one team would head up to Burdell so they could survey the whole area.

Sonoma Mt. Rd., Stony Point Rd., Wilson Hill (used many times in prior days) continued to produce bearings, Cinnabar Rd off Petaluma Blvd., Wagner Lane, Meacham Hill, San Antonio Rd., etc.  All of these spots were visited by the teams, and they found some very interesting high points, such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences where the team left with balance and inner harmony.

Some of us were using an app called Life360, which keeps track of our location as we move all around.  So, even though the teams were moving all over, I could just check in on them to see where they actually were located.

The teams took some pictures during tracking, (and I received some from prior days), so in a few days I will return home, and I will move the pictures over to this blogspot and to our yahoo site, so that everyone can see the trackers hard at work.

So, as we neared the end of day 5, the trackers were showing some fatigue.  Same spots day after day, and Gypsy remained  on the private land in the area near Manor and Adobe. And, yes there were circling signals, so we knew Gypsy was moving locally.  It was decided that there was little new to learn from Gypsy.  He has been hanging out on the same spot since Tuesday.  Four days of visiting the same spots, and plotting bearings which pointed back to that same spot near Manor and Adobe.  So, the tracking was finished.  There are several people who were available next week to go out and track, and several of the new apprentices would like to go out again; so, I would suggest that we do some post-season tracking on this nearby raptor.  Maybe Gypsy will move to a new location, or maybe he is very happy on those private lands from which he has refused to leave.

I encourage any tracker who would like to go out next week, to check on Gypsy, and take an apprentice with you.  They have all had a good, but short, experience.  Oops, all of them except Sandra Corzantes who had an emergency and did not get out.  Give her a call and see if you can show her a bit of tracking. Otherwise, team up and go check on Gypsy.

Lynn Jesus, Season Coordinator, GGRO Radio-telemetry Program

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