October 20, 2015

Gypsy began his morning along the Miwok Trail.  Libby, Elan and Laura  headed up to Hawk Hill, to use that nearby high point to take bearings on Gypsy for as long as he remained in the Headlands.  Meanwhile, the other two teams returned to their high points on Twin Peaks and San Pablo Ridge.  All three teams had bearings as Gypsy began to head northward.  Mike and Linda on San Pablo Ridge were in perfect position to report Gypsy's progress, first past Mt. Tam and then San Rafael.  And then the picture became more murky.

Team 1 headed up to Mt. Burdell, but had no signal.  Maxine and Eileen left Twin Peaks, of course, because they were at the opposite end of the world when it comes to a northward moving raptor.  First there was no success with cross-bearings.  Then Mike and Linda reported no signal from their East Bay perch.  No one had the signal.  Oh, no, that is not the way it should work in a perfect world.  Then Mt. Burdell picked up the signal to the southwest.  Then, one by one, each team began recording their bearings.

Gypsy headed northward, past Burdell and into the flatlands.  This is familiar territory for the trackers.  It is sometimes difficult to pin down the locations, due to the gently rolling hills.  Gypsy can be up and then down.  As of this minute, I cannot report Gypsy's evening location.  The teams were out roaming around, but the last signal that I heard reported was from the entrance to Olompali State Park.

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