October 21, 2015

Lots of new trackers out today.  A big switch.  Libby and Emma and Elan were "on the bird."  Barb and Ron headed to the highpoint, Mt. Burdell.  And Linda and Vick went to San Pablo Ridge, so that if Gypsy hopped the ridge and headed towards Sonoma or Napa they would pick up the signal as the bird moves eastward north of San Pablo Bay.  It sounds strange to have a team so far away, but San Pablo has been great for a number of raptors moving around the North Bay.

Libby and team located Gypsy near Manor Lane off Adobe Rd. on the east side of the valley. The team moved around on Manor, trying to get cross bearings.  Later in the day Linda and Vick moved to Manor while Libby headed to other highpoints.  Barb and Ron spent most of the day on Burdell with relatively steady bearings below highway 116, pointing to the east side of the valley.

There were no changes during the day, other than Gypsy got up and circled a couple of times.... then back to the same area.  The area is private property with no public access.  Other nearby roads give funky readings as the signal rolls over the terrain.  Bounces and such can drive trackers crazy.  But miraculously, most of the trackers remained sane.

Will Gypsy try to move around a little more like a gypsy, or is he just happy to make this private plot of land his home.

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