Saturday, October 15, 2016. First Day of Tracking Season

I can't say first day of tracking, because there was no tracking. There was no bird to track.

 A wet storm spoiled the day for both banders and trackers.  The banders headed up to the blinds, while the Telemetry Team waited down at Building 1064 doing final preparation.  Permits needed to be placed into Team binders, and Libby and Theresa reviewed transmitter application instructions.  Trackers are ready to hit the road.  But midday the banders gave up.  Wind, heavy fog and mist ended their day, which ends the day for the Telemetry Team.  And after the banders gave up, the weather turned even more blustery.  The Telemetry Team left 1064 and will return tomorrow at 9 am.

Written by Lynn Jesus

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