Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Telemetry Team covered the Peninsula, South Bay and the East Bay today, with no further signals picked up from Paula.  It was a good effort to try to locate Paula, but Paula was able to avoid detection.  Mike took home a set of equipment and will see if she might pop up in the next few days.

Paula's story is rather short.  She was picked up on Monday by Brian Smucker's banding team at POAK blind. She headed down to her evening roost near Kirby Cove.  On Tuesday she began her Tour of the Headlands, which turned out to cover the western edge of the Marin Headlands and then headed into the Rodeo and Gerbode Valley.  The Teams found her Wednesday morning near the Visitor's Center and moved in closer to cover the Southern Headlands with Phil up on Hawkwatch to cover the Gate..  By early afternoon, Phil reported that Paula headed southward and crossed the Gate.  Mike stayed up by the Vortac and recorded her disappearing signal, while three teams tried to pick up her signal in San Francisco and down the Peninsula. Teams spent Thursday trying to relocate her, but it was not to be.  And that is it.  The teams will take a break, and see if we are able to go with another bird next week, or in early November.

Posted by Lynn Jesus

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