Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today we ended up with four teams.  It was not by design, but rather by timing.  Eileen and Brian co-team leaders were all set to go and ended up at a local highpoint near Tennesse Valley, called County View Rd.  Barb and Ron headed for the side of Mt. Tam, the northernmost team.  Mike and Brian were suppose to locate the morning roost.  Mike arrived early and located Paula just below the Visitor Center right in the valley, near Rodeo Lagoon.  How convenient.  Mike headed up to the Vortac, and when Phil arrived at 1064 he didn't know where Mike was, so he picked up the extra set of equipment (Team 4), and headed out on his own to locate Paula.  Phil then spent a couple of hours keeping track of Paula's location within the valley.  Up to the youth hostel, down to the visitor center.  Over the past two days, Paula took a complete tour of the Marin Headlands.

Early in the afternoon, Eileen and Brian left County View and joined Phil in the valley, with Paula.  Phil headed up to the Hawkwatch area.  Eileen and Brian continued the tour of the Headlands until...... Paula headed south!  Tour Over!

Phil recorded Paula's southward flight, while Mike, still near the Vortac remained in place recording the fading signal.  Eileen and Brian, and Ron and Barb headed south, soon to be followed by Phil.  Kind of nice to have four teams all in gear.  But, the results for the afternoon were a lot of miles covered along the Peninsula, but no further beeps from Paula.  The four teams met for dinner in San Francisco, and set out their plans for tomorrow.  Will they be able to pick up the signals from this small transmitter.  Phil is betting they will! Phil will be off, and Sandra will be coming on for her first day tracking a real, moving bird.  Will she get to hear the beep, beep, beep.

Only three teams will be out tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 20.  Will Paula succeed in hiding out, or did she pick up speed and head south quickly.  We'll know more of the story by Thursday evening.

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