Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

Day Two with Paula in the Headlands.

Paula spent last night near Kirby Cove.   The teams were able to locate her this morning, and she spent the day doing a slow tour of the Headlands.  She followed the shoreline westward towards Pt. Bonita, and continued the tour ending up in Gerbode Valley.

The team on the San Francisco shoreline (Mike Hall, solo) actually was the first team to check in on Paula, just after sunrise. Barb and Ron then spent most of the day, close in on the bird.  Meanwhile, Libby and Michelle were perched on the side of Mt. Tamalpais, only picking up minimal signals.

 Remember, one important part of the study, is to test the range on the smaller transmitter we're using. Paula seems too be very cooperative, so far.  But one day she is going to take off, and that will be the real test of the small transmitter.  Come on Paula, the clock is ticking.  We have a few more days of teams who want to follow you.  The weather is beautiful, so fly.  Fly away!

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