Friday, Nov. 19 Bonnie Hides Out

Today, we only fielded 2 teams.  One team remained on Fremont Peak while the second headed back to the San Luis Reservoir area.  Although that location was the last to have a signal on Thursday, they did not pick up the signal this morning.  So, at 11:30 they headed to higher ground.... Mt. Hamilton.  The team took a couple of hours to reposition.  Meanwhile, Fremont Peak continued scanning for Bonnie's beep.

At 3:25, Tom, Ann and Jonathan managed to pick up a weak signal from Bonnie!  It looks like that old Ace Tracking Team (and company) succeeded in at least locating her signal.  When I spoke with Libby, she said the Fremont team was in the fog, cold and freezing, but Happy!  Ah, the True Tracker Spirit lives. 

Will tomorrow's teams be able to zero in on Bonnie's hideout?  Will Hamilton once again provide critical clues?  or Will the weather make Bonnie hunker down, so that her signal will not carry?  Stay tuned.................

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