Sunday, Nov. 14 Telemetry Starts a New Bird

At mid-day today, Jonathan called from HAWK blind to tell us that they had a new Red-tailed Hawk for us.  That was the beginning of a massive shift.  Pager messages were sent to the teams in the field, "We Have a New Bird"; and then the rush was on.  The teams near Half Moon Bay had to re-position to San Bruno Mt., the San Pablo area, and one team had to come into the Headlands.  And  David and I needed to get to the blind to pick up our new bird and apply the transmitter.  It all went very smoothly. 

Oh, no.  We didn't have days to ponder over a wonderful name for our new bird.  "B",  hmmmmm.  In honor of the Giant's, how about "Buster?", nope it's a girl.  What about noble people..... a big blank.  How about towns far south.....another blank. Belvedere is across the water, but I think the teams would like to head outside of the neighborhood.  We made a call back to Hawk Blind to ask for help in naming our "B" bird.  "Give us a list of names starting with "B", was our request.

On the list was the suggestion to name this bird, our "B" bird, Bonnie; and then, the next bird would be "Clyde".  Not the most heroic of names, but being half Irish I thought we could try to have a bonnie good time tracking this bonnie lass.  Now, let's think about this.  Bonnie and Clyde were on the run, and covered a lot of ground.  That's good.   In the past, names such as "Traveler",  "Nomad",  "Nimbus", etc. had little effect on the respective raptors.  Maybe this time we'll try to be more subtle.

Tonight, the team left Bonnie along the Sausalito ridgeline..... overlooking Belvedere.  Where will she take us tomorrow?  Stay tuned.

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