Saturday, Nov. 20 Team Snowed Off Mt. Hamilton, but....

This morning no teams have picked up Bonnie's signal.  Cheryl and Maxine are on Fremont Peak, Tom and Mike were on Mt. Madonna and have just gotten permission to go through a locked gate to head towards Loma Prieta, and Barb and Jonathan were on Mt. Hamilton, the only spot with the signal yesterday.

At mid-day the ranger at Mt. Hamilton told Barb and Jonathan they would have to leave due to snow. However, they just paged that they have a bearing!  Did they actually leave the top and pick up the bearing on the way down?  Did they stay, and get snowed in and then picked up the signal?  It's too soon to tell, but I wanted you to know that Barb (after spending 3 days last year on San Bruno Mt. without a signal) has finally heard a signal on a moving bird!!!  Could it be the work of her magic stilettos?

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  1. I want pictures of Barb in her stilettos holding the reciever and antenna, tracking Bonnie from Hamilton! Congrats on getting the signal! Maybe next season, we will have to add stilettos to the equipment list.