Thursday, Nov. 18, Trackers on Highpoints

Today, the trackers positioned themselves with one team on Fremont Peak, one team wandering the lands around Paicines and Hollister and Tres Pinos, one team went down to Clearwater Summit.  Only Fremont Peak was successful in picking up Bonnie's signal during most of the day.  Finally, one team headed over to San Luis Reservoir (going across Pacheco Pass and looking for access to Pacheco Peak).  At about 3:15 that team picked up a signal which pointed back towards Paicines.... but Bonnie could be anywhere in between, since Fremont Peak did not pick up the same signal.

The teams are having increasing difficulty trying to pick up signals in the rolling terrain between Fremont Peak and Highway 5.  In the evening, Tom, Jonathan and Mike left Marin and joined up with Cheryl and Ann in Hollister.  When I spoke with Tom he said, "The ACE tracking team is on their way".  (Sounds something like the Ace Detective Agency).  We'll see how well they do on Friday.  Good Luck.

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