Wednesday, Nov. 17 Bonnie Tries to Evade the Trackers

Bonnie is a pretty smart gal.  She rose early this morning and all three teams had her signal.  She then tried to evade their efforts to keep up with her.

(Please understand, that Bonnie doesn't really know that we are out there trying to follow her.  We do not try to move in close to her, or obtain sightings of her. We do not want to change her behavior.  Most tracking is done from a distance, with us frequently being 5 - 30 miles away.  Any reference to "hiding" or "evading" is purely done from the human point of view of the trackers).

While I don't have the maps completed, it appears she woke on the south side of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the moved northward around Loma Prieta.  She then tried to slip to the southeast.  But she couldn't evade Libby and James on Fremont Peak.  They had bearings as she moved eastward, and then to the southeast of their position.  Cheryl and Roger hopped from Loma Prieta to Mt. Hamilton, which is not an easy trick.  And finally, late in the afternoon, Larry and David located Bonnie hiding out on the east side of the Pinnacles.  Great work team. 

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