Friday, Nov. 4 -- Coco Takes the Teams for a Ride

In the morning, Phil and Lorri re-located Coco near Ring Mountain.   Larry and Robyn would protect the south from Twin Peaks in SF (even though the Sutro Tower causes lots of interference), while Cheryl and Dan have the East Bay highpoint.  Phil and Lorri were "on the bird".  What a plan!

Coco got up and started moving by mid-morning.  Bearings to the northwest indicated that Coco headed around the north side of Mt. Tam.  Phil and Lorri caught up with Coco at Bolinas.  At the same time, the Twin Peaks team in SF picked up the bearing "peak" pointed back up the coast to Bolinas.  The East Bay team had occasional signals, including an afternoon signal pointing directly to the Golden Gate Bridge.  (The signal often carries across water, leading to inaccurate or erroneous bearings). 

Phil and Lorri lost the signal in Bolinas.  The Twin Peaks team discussed heading north to help the Bolinas team.  After a quick discussion with homebase (who stated that it is probably safe for the team to head north, 'cuz it's unlikely that Coco will come south that late in the day), Larry decided to stay on Twin Peaks until 3 PM.

Larry and Robyn, on Twin Peaks, re-acquired the signal.  Through interference from Sutro Tower they  got westward bearings, and decide to "put pedal to the metal" and head down the coast in pursuit of Coco.  After checking out Verde Road (Athena's haunt last year), they return to SF.  Guess who was waiting for them near Sutro Towers!  Yes, Coco flew down the coast from Bolinas directly towards the Twin Peaks team. Having Sutro Tower's interference as a cover, Coco was not 'hiding in plain sight'.  More accurately, he was 'undercover' less than a mile from the team's original location on Twin Peaks. 

So, Coco started his day at Ring Mt., flew counter-clockwise around Mt. Tamalpais, and slipped down the coast to SF.  He was located hiding out amid the interference of Sutro Tower.

Written by Homebase, Lynn, who didn't think Coco would fly south so late in the day.  Oops!

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