Saturday, Nov. 12 -- It's a Nice Day to Fly

The weather was beautiful today.  Nice flying weather, indeed.  However, Diana again spent the day doing local movements around the golf course and Laguna de Santa Rosa.  It is nice redtail territory, but trackers need something to track.  Otherwise, we would call ourselves, "Monitors". 

Other than Diana's local movements, and strange signals that are one moment soft and then loud, and the predominantly vertical signals that we get.... the teams have little to report on Diana.  No Visuals!

The teams that stay overnight in Santa Rosa, did report police action at the hotel around 2 AM.  Wonderful! A good night's sleep interrupted for about a half hour while the police quieted the party going on upstairs.  Diana was not there.

Tomorrow the teams will try to double their chances of tracking a moving hawk.  One team will head down to check on Coco.  Will he still be at San Andreas Lake?  Will he have decided to move on?  Will he be gone?  Meanwhile, the other two teams will stay with Diana.

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