Sunday, Nov. 13 -- We Doubled Our Chances....

As we discussed yesterday, we split the tracking teams in order to double our chances of having a moving bird.  Larry and Katie headed to San Andreas Lake, Coco's last known location, and found he had moved!  Yes, he moved ever so slightly southward to the area between San Andreas Lake and Crystal Springs Reservoir.  He was very easy to locate.

And back up near Sebastopol, Diana remained in her same location.  Everyone is reporting that the signal is "different", in that the volume changes quickly, but she does appear to be moving.  A creek runs through the area and perhaps her signal is bouncing or being carried along the creek.

The plan for tomorrow is to concentrate on Diana and to try to determine what she is doing.  Access to the area is limited, but Bill is going to try to use his charms to gain access.  The season is definitely winding down with two birds that appear to be stationary.

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