Sunday, Nov. 6 -- Another Gray Day

The weather didn't improve much today, and Coco stayed put.  Being on a mountain top is not enjoyable for man (or woman) or hawk when the weather is cold and gray and windy and drippy; but, that describes the weather on Sunday.  Two teams were station on mountain tops; one on San Bruno Mt. and the second on Black Mountain which is farther down the Peninsula.  The third team was "on the bird", which in this case means that they were across the lake from Coco, near Hwy 280. They had difficulty getting a clear bearing, since the signal seemed to be all around them.  That was probably due to bounce off the surrounding hills, as well as the signal spreading out across the surface of the water.  

However, it was clear that Coco remained on the western (inaccessible) side of San Andreas Lake.  He made several short flights, so we know he's there.  At least when he does a short flight, San Bruno Mountain can pick up his signal.  The Black Mountain team heard only a few beeps, since they were just too far away. They will be in "perfect position" if/when Coco moves south.  Hopefully, the weather will clear tomorrow.

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