Monday, Nov. 14 -- She Seems to Like the Area

Yes, two teams went out today to check on Diana.  I got a call from Larry about mid-morning.  Something about moving to winery tasting rooms.  I don't know if he meant Diana, but she's underage, so I hope she's not hanging around the tasting rooms.  So, that means that Larry and Katie must be hanging around some wineries. I checked on the DeLorme (map) and see grapes decorating the area near Vine Hill and Guerneville Rd just north of Diana's last known location (Sanford near Occidental Rd.).   I'll have to assume that is their location. [Larry has a way of locating wineries which are situated in a perfect spot from which to take bearings.  Years ago he and Phil perched for hours on the grounds of the Mt. Aukum Winery]  Back to Diana....

Bill was south of Larry's team.  The two teams determined that Diana is well, and moving around the same Laguna de Santa Rosa area. She may have moved as far as 2 miles northward (toward the wineries), but by the end of the day she was back near Occidental and Sanford.  Tomorrow, or Wednesday maybe someone will venture into the preserve.  We certainly don't want to disturb Diana, but it would be nice to have a visual.

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