Thursday, Nov. 10 -- Teams Zero In On Diana

The teams headed to their morning positions: Cheryl and Mike to Sonoma Mt., Larry to Mt. Burdell, while Phil and Ron would be a traveling team, "on the bird", if they could just zero in on Diana's location.  At 7:30, the Sonoma Mt. team sent out a page with Diana's bearing which meant that Phil and Ron could try to get closer.  Indeed, at 9:20 from Two Rock, they reported, "Visual!" [The teams carry old-fashioned pagers and are able to send out 20-digit codes which can report bearings, movements, visuals, or problems.  It's antiquated, but it works to let everyone know what is going on with each team.]  Success! Diana is found!

For the remainder of the day, the two highpoint teams have cross-bearings and the team "on the bird" is indeed able to keep up with Diana.  In fact, they have another "Visual" of her just before noon in a riparian area west of Rohnert Park.  Around 1 PM Diana began drifting to the NW and followed the riparian corridor of Laguna de Santa Rosa.  Following the other teams crossed-bearings, the team relocated Diana in the northern end of Laguna de Santa Rosa a "really fabulous, really cool area and right next door to the Laguna Foundation office."  To see more go to 

Phil's End-of-Day message ended with, "So, it was some really cool tracking, 2 visuals and all worked well."

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