Saturday, Nov. 5 -- Coco Leaves Mt. Sutro

Coco hung out at Sutro Towers all morning.  The teams were in place...waiting....with one team on Grizzly Peak above Berkeley in the East Bay, and two teams on the Peninsula.  The weather was cold, gray and wet.  As Bill James put it, around 1 PM Coco "left the shadow of Sutro Towers".  He flew to the east side of San Bruno Mountain (where one team was stationed), and ended his 12.5 mile journey at the SE side of San Andreas Lake.  Coco seems to like to go AROUND mountains.  He stayed in that position for about a half hour, and then flew back to the north about 2.6 miles.  Quite a circuitous flight path for the day.  He ended up near the north end of San Andreas Lake which is just west of Hwy 280 and north of Hwy 92.  The lake is part of the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed and inaccessible.

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